About us

Burnishing is a highly sophisticated and advanced surface finishing technique. If you would like to learn more or seek consultation about this special finishing technique, please contact us. Our surface engineers are happy to help you with your project. Hofe GmbH has contributed to enterprises in various industries. Customers include renowned international façade engineering companies, architects, metalworking companies, artist blacksmiths and more. Click on the link below to take a virtual tour of our production facilities.

Smooth or Textured?

Hofe GmbH specialises in burnishing/colouring non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass and tombac. Metals are finished meticulously by hand, inducing an artificial ageing process that renders different results depending on the chosen method. Burnishing: Light, medium or dark shade, marbled or mottled look. Grinding/satin finishing: Rotary grinding, longitudinal grinding, untextured surface.

  • Brünieren Heller Farbton
    Light shade
  • Brünieren mittlerer Farbton
    Medium shade
  • Brünieren Dunkler Farbton
    Dark shade
  • Brünieren Marmorierter bzw Wolkiger Farbton
  • Schleifen Satinieren und Brünieren
    Rotary grinding
  • Satinieren Schleifen Längsschliff Brünieren
    Longitudinal grinding
  • Schleifen Satinieren Längsschliff Brünieren
    Longitudinal grinding
  • Schleifen Satinieren strukturlose Oberfläche Brünieren

Sealing: Wax for outdoors, gloss or matte finish for indoors

The variety of burnishing methods render both smooth and mottled surfaces. Waxing creates a diffusion-permeable surface that continues to age naturally over time. Burnishing metal sheets/profiles accelerates the natural ageing process and gives their surface a refined and classy look.